IT-outsourcing tailored to your business


Cost-efficient and streamlined business processes can be ideal realized by a large powerful and scalable IT infrastructure adapting to your needs. You get this opportunity to respond extremely quick and flexible to changing market requirements and to open up new opportunities.
We are able to tailor infrastructure in a very short time according to your requirements. Of course, in our data center, in the models of your choice.
With us, your applications and sensitive data are protected by State of the art high security solutions. In addition, our data centres are certified to international standards starting from April 2016.



During a free consultation we are able to clarify If a partial or complete outsourcing of your Applications or Servers is suitable for you. During this consultation we check your technical base and your Network structure to develop a concept that fits your needs and optimizes your workflow and processes. Consultation of which services from our comprehensive service catalogue are usefull to you and which fit your neccesities best are essential to us.



As a basic information such as virtualization, you watch please these videos: