As one out of few IT Solution providers in the region, we are able to provide our self Hosted data centre infrastructure in addition to our consulting and support services.

  • Use our highly scalable solutions for the fast and efficient expansion of your business activities.

  • Gain valuable resources for example through flexible outsourcing of your applications.

  • As a matter of course, we provide 100% service and managed backups for your hosted system.


A modern data center has a huge energy consumption. Thanks to Green IT by phi, our customers save not only electricity, but also money. The resources of the environment are conserved through virtualized servers in our data center. It is no longer necessary to host your own large server cabinet at your site and spend lots of money on service and upscaling your system.

No need for noisy and space consuming cabinets at your site. Electricity costs are drastically reduced by the saving of air-conditioning systems, as well as the high power consumption through your local server systems.

We consistently use the latest technology. This is true for the data center infrastructure, as well as for the entire building. Getting comparable speed and reliability on your local site involves a lot of effort and expenses.

You do not need to spent money in Hard- and Software, so there are no unforseen expenses e.g a Hardware failure neither upgrading your hardware realting to performance bottlenecks.

Our systems are fully up- and outscalable and future-proof.

Regarding the virtualised systems we are able to tailor a system that fits your needs at any time. Instead of spending money on new server hardware we are able to scale out our systems to fit your needs. If you need more computing power we are able to simply add additional CPU cores. Same with RAM. If you need more Harddrive space we are able to instantly provide this.

Technical data

Hypervisor Structure

  • Hypervisor cluster backup node in secondary data center
  • high availability cluster with 4 nodes each (constantly evolving)
  • 1 Test Node
  • 10 Gbit / s HA network
  • VMs will be restarted immediately on other node if a failure occurs
  • Fault tolerance up to 4 CPU cores per VM possible (VM is mirrored to a second node during runtime)> Uninterruptible provision of services also in case of hardware failure)
  • Shared FC storage on all nodes available (Multipathing)
  • 2. Autarker Test Cluster

Storage Infrastructure

  • Distributed storage infrastructure
  • All storage units in RAID 5 configuration with hot spare
  • proactive monitoring of storage units by manufacturer
  • Storage Tiering (15k SAS HDDs, 7,2k SAS HDDs, NL SAS)
  • Full Flash storage on request possible (on customers behalf)
  • 16 Gbit / s Fibre Channel connectivity the production Storages 2 independent FC switches each with 2 independent controllers per host / Storage Unit
  • Expansion with Hybrid Flash Storage Array in Q1 2017th
  • redundant power supplies and UPS connected to every system
  • RAID6 storage with hot-spare backup (single controller SAS 6 Gbit/s) in second Data center/fire compartment
  • Archiving on NAS RAID 5 (SAS HDDs archive) via fiber optics on fire section/data center 3

Network infrastructure

  • 10 GbE network between hypervisor nodes
  • 10 GbE backup network
  • 650 Gbit/s backbone capacity
  • Hewlet Packard and Cisco hardware
  • Redundant meshed network
  • division of customers networks using VLANs
  • Own VLAN per customer
  • Own L3 network / customer
  • 10Gbit/s customers internal network
  • microwave link to customers in service area (802.11 AC standard)