Remote Access

High Encrypted connections to the data center

Remote access

  • Remote Access over SSL-VPN Appliance
  • L3 access NetExtender software (available for all platforms)
  • Clientless access to VMs via HTML5-capable Web browser (remote desktop, SSH, Telnet, file access, website access via HTML5) possible.
  • sepcial hardened Security Appliance from Sonicwall
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy and TLSv1
  • SSLv3 with AES 256 bit
  • 2 factor authentication possible

site-to-site connection (VPN / microwave link)

  • connecting your office to our data centre via IPsec site-to-site connection (IKE v1 / IKE v2) or OpenVPN with certificate is possible
  • Private L2 network for direct connection via radio with integrated VLAN
  • AC standard with up to 550 Mbit / s or AirFibre technology on 24 GHz with up to 2 GBit / s (approval of BNetzAG needed)


  • Access to virtual machines possible over:
  • Common access methods via HTML 5 browser or VPN
  • Access to virtual environment via VMWare console and VMWare Web client