Better performance… Safe service…

As one out of few IT Solution providers in the region, we are able to provide our self Hosted data centre infrastructure in addition to our consulting and support services.

  • Use our highly scalable solutions for the fast and efficient expansion of your business activities.
  • Gain valuable resources for example through flexible outsourcing of your applications.
  • As a matter of course, we provide 100% service and managed backups for your hosted system.

High-tech site with effective solutions

You will find us right next to the solar thermal test power plant of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Jülich, Germany. At over 4000 square meters, we offer maximum availability and security with a total of 3 structurally separated data centers (fire compartments), VMWare hosting at its best security and reliability.

    • Consists of 3 data centers independent fire sections (electrically isolated)
    • Redundant air conditioning in each Datacenter
    • Own fiber optic interconnect
    • Internal Backupleitungen
    • 3-stage surge protection
    • redundant independent power supply
    • Green IT with 41KW solar power system
    • Diesel emergency power supply automatic, infinite runtime
    • Uninterruptible power supply system per fire compartment and data center (Online / Line Interactive)
  • Alarm units, 9kV electric fencing with reporting lines, 24-hour video surveillance, etc...