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phi Medien Systeme GmbH
Königskamp 32 | 52428 Jülich


Phone: +49 2461 59360
Fax: +49 2461 50978





Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to visit the data centre?

No, unfortunately this is not possible for data protection reasons. Only existing customers who have concluded a corresponding data protection agreement with us may visit our premises under supervision after consultation with the responsible employee.

Can you also rent a single server from phi?

Yes, you can rent a single server, host a website or rent an email address

How many employees work at PHI?

There are 8 - 12 employees working at phi. The number of employees can vary, as we are a training company and therefore also employ trainees.

What data volumes are possible?

Theoretically, this is possible indefinitely, as we can expand them individually depending on the customer's wishes...
At the moment, one can immediately access a capacity of 1 tetabyte without expansion.

Can I expand my server quickly?

Yes, changes in the number of processors, working memory and hard disk size are possible within 30 min after placing the order.
Immediately afterwards, you can continue working on the system with more power.

Why was the data centre built in Jülich?

Of course, the phi comes from Jülich and this was naturally our first option, although we had also included other locations in the planning.
In the end, the following reasons spoke in favour of Jülich as a location:
- Low risk in the area of floods and other natural catastrophes (little built-up land around us).
- Terrorist attacks will take place in big cities like Frankfurt and Berlin, not in the countryside.
- Internet connection via the nodes not only via Germany, but also via the Netherlands and Belgium. (Three-country corner)

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