Everything at a glance: A company full of diversity. 

Better performance, safer service!


highly scalable solutions

flexible outsourcing


100% service

What we do,
we do entirely

At phi, we stand for exactly that with the services of a system house with its own data centre.

Our more than 25 years of experience is the basis on which we advise, support and accelerate processes.

In these 25 years, we have seen trends come and go. And learned that technologies need to be judged by only one standard:

The benefit for your business.


phi Hosting Jülich | Gelände Unternehmen Datenzentrum Rechenzentrum


phi Hosting Jülich | Empfang Unternehmensgebäude Cremer Zertifikate Server


phi Hosting Jülich | Sicherheit Umzäunung Security Server Überwachung

High-tech location
with effective solutions

Sie finden uns direkt neben dem Solarthermischen Versuchskraftwerk der DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) in Jülich. Auf über 4000 qm bieten wir mit insgesamt 3 baulich getrennten Rechenzentren (Brandabschnitten), Virtuelles Hosting in höchster Verfügbarkeit und Sicherheit.

    Green IT

    with 41KW solar power system

    Energy self-sufficient through solar

    phi Hosting Jülich | Energieautark Solar Autark Grün Umwelt Umweltfreundlich Server


    phi Hosting Jülich |Bienen Umwelt Öko Grün Natürlich Zukunftsorientiert


    phi Hosting Jülich | Hühner Umwelt Grünes Rechenzentrum

    3 Data centres


    with independent fire compartments (galvanically isolated)

      Diesel automatic emergency power supply

      with running time infinite

      Emergency power generator

      phi Hosting Jülich |Notstromgenerator Sicherheit Netzanschluss Stromausfall

      running systems - always

      phi Hosting Jülich|Server Kabel Netzwerk

      Automatic emergency power supply

      phi Hosting Jülich |Notstromautomatik Überwachung Unternehmen


      • redundant, self-sufficient power supply
      • redundant air conditioning
      • redundant servers
      • redundant storage
      • redundant data centres
      • Reliability through virtualisation

      Parallel air conditioning

      phi Hosting Jülich| Klimatisierung Rechenzentrum

      Redundant power supply

      phi Hosting Jülich| Professional hosting infrastructure Redundant Dual Strom

      Digital control - everywhere

      phi Hosting Jülich| Digitale Kontrolle überall Global

      More is more

      for better safe than sorry!


      Uninterruptible UPS power supply system per fire compartment and data centre (online / line interactive)

      Backup lines


      Glass fibre

      Own fibre optic interconnect

      Surge protection

      3 level


      Full security

      Alarm systems, 9kV power fence with alarm lines, 24h video surveillance

      Common solutions

      phi Hosting Jülich| Lösungen Solutions Rolf Cremer Rechenzentrum CEO

      steady control

      phi Hosting Jülich| Kontrolle Control

      reliable service

      phi Hosting Jülich| Service Erreichbarkeit Telefon


      phi Hosting Jülich| Zertifizierung veeam
      phi Hosting Jülich| Zertifizierung  TÜV ISO CERT
      phi Hosting Jülich| Professional hosting infrastructure
      phi Hosting Jülich| Synology
      phi Hosting Jülich| vmware



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