Letter was yesterday, mail is today!


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Perfect for small, medium and large companies


The phi ZIMBRA Collaboration Suite is offered in the mailbox types Basic, Standard and Professional. This can be booked in your mail system according to your needs. From the Standard version onwards, the synchronisation of mobile devices via Exchange is also available.


  • No investment in hardware and software
  • Fast changeover of your previous solution
  • grows dynamically with your requirement
  • Access via PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet and browser

The phi ZIMBRA Collaboration Suite is the most powerful open source email and collaboration suite on the market. ZCS goes far beyond what simple open source mail servers can do and offers businesses far-reaching possibilities to increase productivity. Create global address lists, shared calendars and complete document management on the web or offline. Support for standard protocols enables the use of virtually any desktop client and device for even more flexibility.

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