IT Fullservice seit über 30 Jahren für die Schawk Jülich.

IT full service for Schawk Jülich for over 30 years.

Full service and IT are also in a constant state of change. In all the years that our employees have been providing support for our customers, many projects and changes have been implemented. Whether in the early days the changeover from BNC (ring network) to CAT...
Sturm im Netzwerk (Broadcaststurm)

Storm in the network (broadcast storm)

A broadcast storm occurs when many stations in a network transmit a response simultaneously. Each response in turn generates more responses, which has a snowball effect. In the final stage of a broadcast storm, no new...
Warum sind Backups wichtig?

Why are backups important?

It can always happen that data is destroyed - for a variety of reasons. Here is an example: An employee receives an e-mail with an attachment (for example, a Word document). The employee opens the attachment. In this document is a...
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