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We want to help so that students can learn efficiently during this time.

If you are interested: Send us per school at Your data including contact person. From today we are providing e-learning for schools System free for one month to disposal.

The systems run in Germany in Jülich in our ISO 27001 certified data center.

Each school receives an independent system with a user interface.

The systems can be activated for every school in a very short time!
Example St. Angela School Düren:

The following functions are included.
School cloud system for MAC, PC, Mobile Phone, PAD:

  • Sync and share files
  • Create and edit files online (Word, Excel, diagrams, mind maps, presentations…)
  • Share folders and files with the students via guest link
  • Files can be edited online at the same time by students and teachers (this means that corrections can be made directly)
  • School classroom chat with video chat for individual classes or subjects and PC desktop sharing of the teacher
  • Other functions like:
    Notepad, contacts, calendar, photos, bookmarks, world map, radio, newsfeeds….
  • School dudle for appointments and surveys
  • School mail system
  • School Media Wikipedia System for free disposal and installation

The system also offers a large number of chargeable additional functions (according to software manufacturer information).

WebUntis is an application for publishing the timetable in the browser. It is aimed at teachers, students and their parents. The school uses the timetable in the browser or via the practical app.

WebUntis also has an electronic class register that completely replaces the paper class register. You can also use it to manage exams, grades, homework and curriculum. With the online booking system for rooms and resources as well as registration for consultation days, you have an overall system that leaves nothing to be desired.

ZuluDesk – Less distraction, better learning

If you are looking for an affordable, highly efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for today's digital classroom, ZuluDesk is what you want to find. All your Apple devices can be managed with ZuluDesk, relieving stress on your IT department, teachers and parents and helping your students focus.

The app prepares the connection of ZuluDesk with UCS @ school. The LDAP connection must then be configured in the ZuluDesk dashboard. After the setup, the users from UCS @ school are synchronized to ZuluDesk.

itslearning is Europe's largest provider of learning management systems (LMS) in schools.

Founded in Norway in 1999, itslearning is a school-specific learning management system (LMS). With itslearning, those responsible for education and school bodies provide their schools with a tool that enables them to work systematically with valid curricula, improve the quality of teaching and improve individual learning.

And much more !


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Error checking spelling in Zimbra

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Since the last release of Zimbra (version 8.8.15) there is a bug in the spell checker of Zimbra, which can be activated here: Settings -> Mail -> Compose Mail

If you write an e-mail whose text contains letters with accents or German umlauts, the Zimbra spell check (Abc button) always shows that there is no error, even if there is an error.

If you change the text 'Greetings' in the example to 'Greetings' and If you click on 'Abc' again, Zimbra's spell checker will recognize the errors.

As a workaround you can check the spelling of the browser which can be used as follows.


In the browser, click on the three-point symbol in the upper right corner and then on Settings

On the page that opens, scroll down and then click on 'Advanced'

Under Languages ​​you can activate the spell check (I recommend the 'Simple Spell Check') and choose the languages.

Additional languages ​​can also be installed there, if you click on the arrow next to 'Languages'


In the browser, click the three-line icon in the upper right corner and then on add-ons.

In the search on the right you can then search for 'dictionary'

On the next page select the appropriate one Dictionary off (here for example 'German Dictionary'

Then click on '+ Add to Firefox'

A dialog appears at the top, click on 'Add' there

Then click on the top right in the browser Three-line icon and then Settings.

Select 'General' on the left and scroll down until until you find the point 'Language', there the checkmark next to 'Spelling Check during entry ‘select


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Neuer Backup-Server – Size Matters

Category: News

To the data backup and the availability of those hosted by us A high-performance backup server is essential to guarantee systems.

Because we are constantly doing our services too we recently added to our previous backup server launched a new backup server.

This server essentially consists of two components:

For one, this is an HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 with

  • 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2650 v2 CPU with 2.6 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 300 GB SAS HDD im RAID1

Via an HPE Smart Array P812 SAS controller additionally 3 HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 with 12 x 2 TB each connected in RAID5.

This results in a total mass storage capacity for the backups of 70 TB.

New backup server

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Synology NAS - automatically move files on schedule

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You can't just have one on a Synology NAS Delete folders or various files after a certain time, but also Automatically move or archive files according to a schedule to let. You proceed as follows:

Look for this folder in “File Station” (here “CustomerLink”) and looks at the properties so that you can get the has an absolute path to this folder (here “/ volume1 / CustomerLink”).

Now go to the "Control Panel" "Task planner" and creates a new task ("Scheduled task" -> "Custom Script").

Under "General" you give the process a Name and user must be "root".

Under “Task Settings” in the “Command” area execute "now enter the following command:

find / source folder -mtime +300 -exec mv -t / target folder {} +

With this command all files in the Searched for folder / source folder that was last accessed 31 days ago and moved to the folder / target folder.

Under schedule you can then set when this task should be performed.

If you have set that a mail is sent, then the mail only says that the command has been executed not what files or folders were archived.

This means that subfolders including data have also been moved another command is required.

The first steps are the same as for files after Shift schedule is identical.

The key point is below “Task” in the “Execute command” area but the following command must can be entered.

find /Quellordner -mtime +300 > /tmp/tempfile

rsync -Ravh –files-from=/tmp/tempfile –remove-source-files / /Zielordner

And all sub-folders are included Data older than 31 days are automatically moved.


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24h monitoring with Bloonix at phi

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Bloonix is ​​the monitoring system and is used for complete monitoring from phi customers and the phi IT infrastructure of the data center.

The choice for Bloonix was enormous because of the Flexibility and the very good, easy to use and clear Hit surface quickly.

With Bloonix you can monitor everything that has a Network connection can be achieved. Hardware components can also be used monitor on which Bloonix cannot be installed, such as Routers, switches, load balancers or other hardware whose status is via SNMP or any protocol can be queried.

Bloonix has, among other things, plugins for monitoring from Linux, Windows, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, MySQL and PostgreSQL. The plugins are constantly being developed.

Bloonix provides a clear screen, on which you can see the status of the monitoring services directly and can therefore react fast.


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Synology NAS als Cluster

Category: News

To the security and availability of the data one of our To increase customers, phi Medien Systeme GmbH is now using Synology NAS systems with Synology High Availabilty (SHA).

SHA provides an easy way to mirror the company-wide data, thereby maximizing the availability of the data.

SHA combines two Synology NAS servers in one High-Availability Cluster (or HA Cluster). A server takes over the Role of the active server while the other becomes the passive standby server. The active server processes all data requests and services while on everything is continuously replicated to the passive server.

The two servers communicate via a Heartbeat connection. If the active server fails, it takes over automatically the passive server to ensure file services and applications can be restored within minutes.

We use two Synology RS4017xs + with the following Equipment on:

  • Capacity: 32 TB (expandable to 560 TB)
  • 1 TB Read / Write SSD Cache (Samsung 860 EVO)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Intel Xeon D-1541 mit 8 Kernen a 2,1 GHz

On the one hand, the systems are in our fire compartment 1 (BA1) and on the other hand in fire section 3 (BA3) and are with 10 Gbit / s connected.


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2GBit WLAN radio link

Category: News

The latest high-speed WiFi technology between the phi and our customers!

This radio link is guaranteed by two Ubiquiti airFiber 24 HD (AF24HD).

Ubiquiti presents one with the AirFiber technology groundbreaking system for point-to-point radio links and Backbone connections. AirFiber enables transmission rates in gigabit Area.

Equipped with 2×2 MIMO technology and one highly sensitive Reflector antenna system, airFiber operates with FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and HDD (Hybrid Division Duplex) in the free 24-Ghz band. this makes possible the establishment of extremely high-performance and efficient point-to-point WLAN connections (WLAN Bridge) with actual data throughput rates of up to 2 GBit Full duplex for one Reach potential of 20km. So can use an AirFiber Bridge to create a 100MB file in less than a second be transported.


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New servers for security in our data center

Category: News

To further increase the security of our data center, we have integrated four new HP DL380 servers, each with 32 CPU cores, into our data center.

These servers are purely for virtual use only in the security areas firewall and advanced thread protection virus protection used.


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phi-Sense – So small and yet so effective

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Any computer that is on Connected to the Internet has many doors through which communication with the outside world, be it the printer, e-mail or just the internet, is possible.

There are doors through malware, hackers or the like can penetrate the computer.

Through our external Firewall “phi-Sense” the doors that are not required are closed and thus protect against unauthorized access from inside and outside.

You can't just do it as a firewall, but also as a DHCP server, DNS server or VPN deploy.

The phi-Sense regulates about rules not only the traffic from your computer to the internet or from Internet to your PC. But you can also, for example, all Windows computers prohibit access to the Internet.

With large company networks Load balancing can provide relief for outgoing data traffic. This means, that the data traffic is distributed over several WAN interfaces.

Not just protecting the Privacy is required, but also control of access to the Internet or internal network as well as the protection of data traffic.

Should be strange If packets appear, the phi-Sense automatically tries to send the packets normalize in order to prevent attacks.


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Windows Defender sufficient as virus protection?

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The answer is very clear: no.

The Windows Defender from the perspective of the experts

On closer inspection it turns out to be Windows Defender however as a simple real-time scanner, which hardly works with "real" antivirus programs from Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Co. can keep up. The small side project of Microsoft increased in scope in recent years, but the Windows Defender still unable to hold a candle to good external antivirus software. So there is the chance that the Windows Defender detects new variants of viruses, Trojans or other malware at just 25 percent - despite the additional heuristic analyzes - while its general detection rate is around 76 percent. For comparison: the hit rates of antivirus software from well-known manufacturers are between 90 and 98 percent. After all: the Windows Defender is slim, resource-saving and even runs on the now very old XPComputers. But are these good arguments to rely on him?

Extract from the contribution.

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